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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Andy again you are wise beyond your years. My best friend is the man who runs the Brazilian drum coimpany that endorsers me. We have never actually met. And I will take the opportunity here to alude to something I said to Pol. I was devastated about posting on this forum and asked my friend what he thought. After running samba schools for years and working as a drummer on US television for 18 years he simply said this "Some opinions are worth more than others. You get paid for yours. Why are you hanging out with amateurs? These people have no comprehension of what it took to get to your level. Nor do they have the working experience only a person like you can offer."
Well, I think I'm older than you, so that means I'm either very old, or very wise. I'm not sure I'm happy about being both, lol!

As for the comment from your pro friend, I think his view of the members here is quite condescending & simplistic. In essence, he's right, but I certainly don't subscribe to the "grovelling masses" attitude. That's just elitist BS, IMO. Besides that, there's a few "amateurs" here that carry that status by choice. There's a few ex pro's who no longer have drumming as their primary income, & there's some amateurs who have both skill & work ethic beyond many pro's. To throw such an eclectic mix into one pot is very shortsighted IMO.

Hey, I had a great example of pro vs. am just a few weeks ago. Multi act gig. A pro band on stage with pro touring drummer. He was good, they were good. My son's band came on stage & killed them! My son delivered a performance that was full of measured drive, passion, & the kinda dynamic you'd expect from someone as old & stained as me & you.

Your friend might be correct to a great degree, but that doesn't mean he's right.
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