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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Aydee I think you miss my point. It is not that I have suffered or feel sorry for myself. I don't. My point is that the vast majority here have a more refined way of dealing with other members. Or like those I mentioned, have more class basically. I see myself as deficient in this area and have laods of admiration for those others I admire.
Maybe I do, a little, but I dont think there much thats unrefined or poor communicated in what you have written on this forum so far. Sure there might have been the occasional bluntness or impatience, but thats understandable specially in a passionate teacher. If the good intent is clear enough then a rough n' ready style is easily excused.

Just look at the reactions you are getting on this thread. Doesnt look to me like anyone is holding it against you.

I dont know about you man, but the older I get the more I realize that different as we may appear to be, we are all more or less the same. We all bleed.

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