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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
I can't relate to you guys. Or rather you can't relate to me.

Sorry Wy, I dont agree with the title of your thread. I frankly dont see why not.

We all play drums here , we all love music and we all have some pain in our lives that nothing in this world can really soothe. Some of us catch many more bad breaks than the next guy, but I think its presumptuous to think that others here dont hurt as much or haven't had to deal with stuff against heavy odds and still manage to cling on life with their fingernails.

You seemed to have had an incredible life but what stands out to me at the end of your story is the word "survivor".

At a basic level thats all we are trying to do, aren't we?

I think you said in one of your replies on some other thread " play the drums because you love it", and they way I see it - thats proof that life hasn't just doled out a pile of crap on us but also gifted us a wonderful blessing. Beyond just the basic animal survival instinct we have what a lot of others dont - a passion. Sure this passion feeds us and can also sometmes destroy and kill us ( ask Charlie Parker, Jaco Pastorious, Chet Baker.. ), but as they say, at worst" we are luckier to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all".

You have made it this far, which is a tremendous life achievement in itself and enough proof to convince you that you are a tough guy who can hopefully beat anything. Thats awesome, man.

Wy, I sincerely hope you kill all your demons and fulfill your destiny of sharing your music, knowledge, warmth and friendship with friends and strangers as I know you have in the past.

Best wishes.

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