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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

holy shit Andy. It is true in many ways what you say. I am conditioned to ward off others I suppose. But then at the same time I love drummers enough to trust even total stanger drummers with intimate details of my life and psychi. I hate to hurt drummers but my way is often so rude or abrupt I probably do. While being in my mind light and jovial people think I am angry.

All of this is important as I prepare to write it down. I may even ask my nephew( a film maker) to make a movie out of it. When I was younger and gigging a hell of a lot wit
H girls everywhere and fighting to support my mum's illness I was so cavalier. To the point where I am in a movie and don't know what it's called. Seriously. Everything seemed surreal after living alone in the bush as a pre teen. That is not unique in history, children being alone or working. But playing in a popular band getting exposure is. I found it hard to take seriously. It was me after all. And who am I? Nobody really.

I don't know if I can trust in anyone to make a relationship. I am fat as hell now after breaking my back in the 90's. Pol can tell you I have no plan on approaching any woman like this. I suppose I have issues. But at least in that I am not alone. And I think writing it all down may help.
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