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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Why did I think I was unlike many of you? I think because at heart I feel rough and ready and uncouth. Take someone like JeffW. He is always a gentleman, polite eloquent etc. Same goes for most here, Swiss, Pol etc etc.
Thanks Wy, but I've never been polite ... I'm a flake too. However, I've worked through most of my crap and that probably comes across to you as polite. It isn't, actually, it's just mellowness that comes from years of trying seeing others' points of view.

Agree re: socially dysfunctional musos. Some of the best musos I've played with were withdrawn, living in their own incomprehensible inner world. But put an instrument in their hands and they were sex on wheels ... much more fluent speakers of music than English.

I know why you keep flaming me ... you have the gift of drumming know-how that you'd like to share but I keep rejecting it. It's because I'm more of a knowledge junkie than a musician ... a knowledgeable music fan who plays drums. I have zero interest in being a hotshot.

So you're throwin' yer pearls before swine with me, lad. Better to pass on that good stuff to the young students with the passion, eh? As for me, I don't need hassles.

I just want to poodle around pointlessly for a while until I go back to cartooning ... a fun pasttime that doesn't involve dealing with the weird notions of other musicians in a band (like keyboardists who want want to improvise sloppily through everything and then get stroppy if you ask them to not mess with the arrangement) ... and no lugging either.

Write that memoir - I'll buy one! :)

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