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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Well I tried. But I was told I was sane. The social thing is ingrained since 1972. Often where I worked I had to fade into the background. I was the smallest there and often copped a beating. I once got dropped off in the desert and told to find me way home with just a flask of water. I can be unseen whenever I like. Simply not be noticed. I made it an art. I once lived in a house with people who didn't see me for 2 months.

Strange that I became a musician and played on TV and in concert. At least I got good at it. Just last night a top Sydney musician\teacher told me I am the best funk drummer in the city. "You should be out there playing! " Funny as I do not specialise in funk. It felt good and was what inspired me to buy the wine to celebrate what seemed a personal little victory. It turned into this!
You have unbelievable stories man. I get the feeling that you don't like to drop names, but I'm interested, who have you played with? And who was the Sydney muso? Definately a personal victory.
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