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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post

when did you ever find time to learn to play drums ?
Well I don't really know. I had a lot of energy.

I think many good musicians are people who spent a lot of time by themselves and lack social graces. I never learned to not say what I was thinking or to not be brutally honest. This hinders one in life for real and on a forum. Some musicians cannot communicate at all. And what drove them to study so much was that they were socially inept in the first place and practice provided an excuse not to see people. We can't all be like Count Basie who played short piano solos so he could mingle and talk to people.

This thread was inspired by 2 things. A bottle of strong wine. And my realising just what a social and posting clod I am. It is kind of by way of an apology. The things I've been most successful at were fighting in martial arts and teaching how to fight. And playing drums. One was supposedly spiritual but in truth the spiritual stuff in martial arts is BS. It's all about defeating another person. I was a very good bouncer, for example. And the other, drumming practice, was about operating alone with a pad or a kit and working on improving.

I definitely am not whining or sorry about myself. I am sorry for the poor sods who come into contact with me or deal with me on a forum.

And what is worst is I have no idea how to correct it. I'm good in a teacher student relationship. But everything else is beyond my scope.

I once went to a psychiatrist to see if I was insane. He asked me to tell him my story. When I'd finished he left and came back with his colleagues. Then asked me to repeat it.

There are lots of people with interesting lives, hardships and so on. I don't claim mine as special but it was colourful. And as you can see it left a social vacuum. I am very good at being alone. The trouble is there are others around.
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