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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

I don't think I have a chip on my shoulder. Quite the opposite in fact. I am not dark on life or people. I like to help people. But more and more I spend time alone as I get older.

I don't blame anyone for my life. I kind of like it. I like that I wondered at 18 what it was like to live in a family. Then was grateful I didn't when I saw how twisted they could be. The beauty for me is that I was at times scared or lonely, but that it was only myself. I did not inherit the prejudices of others or their beliefs. The whole minister thing came about because once I'd returned I was looking at the beliefs others had. It turned out I could memorise it and it was suggested I sit a test. But really it had nothing to do with my. Experiences and I never did work like that. But it remains a qualification.

I did realise how ignorant I was. I wished I had studied at school. But no matter. I would have become a drummer anyway. Getting to play in front of thousands of people after scrambling around in the bush is kind of cool. Becoming a professional martial artist was too. I have had some health problems and just recently I learned of a really major one that could kill me. But one can also get hit by a bus. So I am gonna write it all down. :)
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