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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Hi guys.

Well last night on the way home from drumming I bought a bottle of Kiss Chasey wine to go with my burger and chips. I note this morning it was 14 %!

Never would have posted this otherwise.

Why did I think I was unlike many of you? I think because at heart I feel rough and ready and uncouth. Take someone like JeffW. He is always a gentleman, polite eloquent etc. Same goes for most here, Swiss, Pol etc etc. I feel so rough around the edges it isn't funny.

As for not knowing the experiences of others, I know a few. And I respect them. Do I understand them? Not really.

There is a great deal I did not mention last night. The reason I ran away and so on. My dad eventually spent time in prison and we only just reconciled after nearly 30 years of not seeing each other. Some jobs I had were funny, others hard. But all were for people hiring a child for very little cash. The terrified walk back from Bacchus Marsh to melboune in the dead of night after scrambling out of that assault.... I'd only got out because they were so drunk. I think I was 12 or 13 but it is hard to remember.

Living on the coast was wild but short lived. 4 months or so. I had a knife, fishing gear and 2 large magnifying glasses to start fires. What was amazing was when fishing it was basically one cast, one fish. This is before the area was transformed into a tourist resort. But as I said last night, I got scared. Every noise became a salt water crocodile. There was a type of large bird living in the rain forrest that made me flinch every time I heard it creeping around towards the end. Couldn't see the damned things!

But that period was ok for what it was. Things became more conventional once I returned to the city a couple of years later to nurse mum.

There are all sorts of things in a person's life. Mine was not special in any way, but it was unusual. In decades past in this country many people wandered far and wide. It's a big lonely place. I lived in the desert, in the bush, on the coast. I had my run ins with snakes and sharks but made it through. The worst kind of snakes and sharks are people though. At least that is what I found.
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