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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

I don't think Wy has a chip on his shoulder. He's a product of his life just like we all are. My life was about 2/3 bad, but the 1/3 good (so far) has been great. I struggle some. Gets easier as you get older.
Wy reminds me of a friend that got pressed into the Viet Cong forces, swam the river into Thailand with 2- 7.62's in him then swam back, stole a load of small arms, sold them and brought his family to the US with the money. He was 15 when he got here. Youan. Interesting guy.
Steady on Wy. Nothing else to do for it. Do write the book. I did and was better for it. Trashed it rightfully, but good to remember the details and see it for what it was, as an adult. Makes you understand yourself better, for what that's worth. I never thought a lot. Like Pavlov's dog I guess. Sounds like you thought to much to me.
Sorry to get personal, but you put it out here. Struck a chord.
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