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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???


When I wrote that, I had this feeling that I should have changed it. I don't hate him as a person, his idiotic fanboys just tainted me on him. I can't stand the sight of him because I mentally project all of the moronic things that those tube trolls say onto him. I know it's not fair, but it's just a knee-jerk reaction type of thing. I'm just disgusted by him because he is everything that the uninformed bigmouths worship. Plus I always thought he looked like a world class tosser. Of course there is always the double handed cymbal bashing, convulsions, perpetual shirtlessness, and general empty showboating to look down upon.

On the other hand I was very impressed with his marching snare solo............until I saw about 30 guys in Blast Drum Corps totally blow him out of the water, simultaneously.

I hope I seem (slightly) more sane now.

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