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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

I actually like Travis' playing with Blink 182. I'm not into punk or pop-punk, but I think he did some very creative stuff with them. I wouldn't necessarily think he's got too great time though.
Originally Posted by MikeM
that saccharine-sweet singer is more grating to me than cookie monster vocals.
Honestly, I always think all those punk singers sound exactly the same, don't they? As if either they're all one and the same guy, or they try to clone each other's voices...!
Originally Posted by DSCRAPRE
Simply put people hate Travis Barker because he's popular.
That's quite a silly thing to do. I don't think Travis (or most of the popular drummers for that matter) deserve to be hated for their popularity, because they simply aren't able to help it. It's not them claiming they're the best, it's their fanboys.
Mike Portnoy comes to mind: I once read in an interview answering the question what instrument he played: Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drums (I believe), but none of them really good (including drums!!!) It's not a quote but it must have been something like that. How humble, and how opposite to what many fanboys of his are claiming all the time and all over youtube!
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