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Default Re: Lose the 'bing' banners, Please! I beg you!

Originally Posted by maddrummr View Post
Use the firefox browser (if you aren't already) and get the Adblock Plus addon. It gets rid of nearly all of those pesky google ads.
Are the banners really so annoying that you want to deprive Bernhard of some much deserved ad revenue? This site isn't cheap to run, and we're all grateful that he puts in the time and money to provide drummers with a place like this, aren't we. If the banners are blocked, it doesn't count as a hit as far as ad revenue goes, which means Bernhard is poorer for it.

As for the original post question; Bernhard has no control over which ads are displayed here. I never see Bing ads, I generally only get Norwegian ads (because the ad software detects that I'm in Norway).
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