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Default i am not like most of you!

Bugger it I hate to make a post of this, but I can't relate to you guys. Or rather you can't relate to me.

I have finally begun my memoirs. But here is a very basic draft. Hopefully you will understand why I have felt so alien and quit this thing I love so often. Only to come back time and time again.

I came into the world in Melbourne Australia in 64. By 72 I had left a hugely dysfunctional family and was working or a crop dusting pilot in country Victoria. By 1973 is was a fisherman working out of Lakes Entrance. 1974 I was a hunter armed with a 303 shooting roos and pigs. 1975 saw me living as a farm hand in Victoria. Then I was sexually assaulted by 2 farm hands (unsuccessfully) and I hitched to Cape Tribulation in northern Queenslend. I lived for 4 months as a kind of cast away. When the rainny season was due and I was freaked out by sharks and crocodiles I crawled out of the rain forrest. Was arrested for looking feral, and eventually made it back to Melbourne to my dying mother.

I had no money so began fighting and joined martial arts clubs. I worked full time, fought and studied drumming. I also realised how little education I had and began to read copius amounts of books. I became a minister but was not a true believer. Studied too much philosophy and became dedicated to the Academy.

Went on to play with a few high profile artists. But at heart was that child looking out for croc's and sharks. I had no person to raise me and my sociual skills are terrible. I am who I am.
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