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Originally Posted by freddyg View Post
to #2).
He's really short and stubby
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he's funny looking!!!
The first time I saw Phish was in February 1997 at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. I went with a friend, who was the one who had introduced me to Phish, and at the time I didn't know much about them; I think the only Phish I'd heard at that time was on Rift and Billy Breathes, but that was more than enough to hook me.

Before the show, we were standing at the bar talking to another in a succession of guys who was very surprised to see non-Americans at a Phish show when this little guy comes up and starts chatting to him. This fellow was short with shoulder-length hair and a big bushy beard and they briefly spoke before the little guy disappeared into the crowd. I remember turning to my friend and saying something offhand like "what's with Grizzly Adams Jr.?" or whatever, and he said "Mate, that's the drummer in the band". When I turned to look round I suddenly noticed that everyone in the crowd was looking over at Fish as he stopped to speak to some fans.

Needless to say, Fish and the boys went on to play a fantastic show (those latter-year small club shows were very special) and I've been trying to catch them in the USA and Europe as often as I can ever since - even making it to Tennessee during my honeymoon last year when they came back after their long break. Fish was on fire that night (Knoxville June 10th 2009) and I was so happy to see them live for the first time (for me) in almost a decade.

I second everything that's been said here about his playing - especially when it comes to his feel and dynamics. One of the (many) things that impressed me about him when I first started listening to him was his frequent use of different rides in any single set-up. It looks to me like he usually has a dry ride for general riding, a brilliant bell-like ride for that extra cut on occasions, and one of those sizzle-types with the rivets installed in the cymbal for slower, dreamier passages (typically on the lengthier jams). I've never had much more than a single ride, hats, and a couple of crashes in my regular set-up - but if I had the space and the money I'd love to have that choice of ride sound and texture on hand.

Great drummer, great musician, great band.
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