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Default Re: What would you not tell your wife, or girlfriend.

I wasn't married to my ex but we may as well been but I spent several many miserable years with her and quite frankfully why people put up with it is beyond me.

the only good thing to come from that was our Son.

don't say it's because of the kids or losing out on alimony man grow a spine...

go forward ten or twenty years will you get those years back

Best thing I ever did was leave her, I'd had enough............I signed over the House and kissed good bye around One hundred and fifty thousand pounds!!

Do I regret I f**K

Fast forward to today I am married, have been for five years, six in January to a Woman who supports me fully in everything...........I'm a better Father to my son and well if I had stayed with my ex I doubt I'd be typing this as I probably would be hanging in the shed....

Life is for today not tomorrow............
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