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Default Re: Show Off Your PEARL!

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
Coldhardsteel, I've beek looking at your kit for about 10 minutes now and I can't help seeing it like a torture to play.. And besides the weird config, the BD is also facing the wrong way.. what about that??

Very stylish and nice kit BTW, but seriously, how do you manage to play it??
Originally Posted by Spectron View Post
and....where's the hihats???
It wasn't difficult to play at all. The only thing that was difficult was doing the basic rock fill, four strokes from the 10 to the 16. I could do a lot using double-strokes and it also forced me to experiment with tom fills. The bass drum facing the wrong way was irrelevant due to the fact that there was nothing on the bass drum. I originally had it that way in order to mount toms in a conventional fashion while having them closer to me. I also used to mount my 8" on the bracket, but that's not pictured, I think.

The hi-hats are placed to where my right would be while sitting down at the kit. That was an interesting experience messing with what I could do to the drop-clutch.

I had a blast playing this kit, don't get me wrong. Not a challenge unless you have to play a conventional set-up.
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