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Originally Posted by Late Bloomer View Post
To be perfectly honest, I am not so much critisizing Meg's drumming ability. I am more critical of general audiences out there who heap praise on musicians like her based solely on the cool or sexy image they portray. They generally only hear the surface of music and don't have a clue on what the full sound is. I think history will show many successful bands or musicians/performers were actually not much chop, but maybe had the X factor to wow the crowd.
LB, people like the WS because they play rootsy, well-written songs, they put every fibre of their being into their playing, and they are fun. The WS aren't there to offer technical goodies to Serious Young Musos ... it's all about the story and the emotions and a lot of people dig that. Sounds fair enough to me.

Many's the talented young band that's been overtaken in the musical rat race by what they consider an inferior unit and wondered "Why them and not us?". Most times it's because the more popular band tugged at people's emotions.

I remember a band comp we played back in the Paleozoic Era. We were beaten by a punk outfit. We had an eclectic set, with time changes, key changes, and plenty of dynamics and musical subtleties. Our guitarist, bassist and sax player were accomplished musos. Our sax player made about half his $$ from session work.

The punk group played dead simple stuff that all sounded the same to me ... and they romped home.

I felt cheated at the time. But now I realise that they spoke more directly and clearly to the crowd than we did, and the crowd responded (with help from a sizeable rent-a-crowd haha).

Being able to connect is not a gift to be underestimated. Some have it, some don't. Personally, I don't, but that's okay. I no longer feel jealous or miffed at the "injustice" ... there's nothing wrong with people wanting to identify more than they want to be impressed.
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