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People putting down someone like Meg White come across as jealous. It's kind of pathetic. What does her success have to do with their lives??? Nothing. She made it. That is her crime. They didn't. That is their regret. Pathetic!
I'm jealous of Sheila E!

Maybe don't take it so personally? If you honestly don't appreciate people attacking other people (my motivation wasn't attack btw) then maybe don't do it yourself? If I put up a video of myself and it's not in time and you call it, sweet, I'd totally accept that and agree with it. I don't begrudge Meg White being successful at all - good for her. Doesn't mean I can't speculate on why it has worked for her - speculation not factual claims. Suggesting I'm jealous and pathetic is really just a projection of your own insecurities man - maybe you think she's great and when people disagree you feel like their criticising your taste. You don't even know me, or anyone else here. Why do you need to control what people think? If there's any putting down going on around here it's coming from you.

Peace man. Don't be so angry. It only hurts you in the end. The rest of us are getting on with our lives.
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