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Hi guys,

Wow controversial thread.

Have to admit, I find listening to White Stripes difficult - because of the drumming. If I could somehow detach from the lack of timing and finesse, and if I was less of a critical thinker, I might be able to appreciate it. But this is my nature so... that's ok.

I think having a female drummer can be a good gimmick. White Stripes are a gimmicky band - guitar and drums only, chick drummer. Lots of punters don't hear time well - they don't even know the drums are out. They see a chick drummer and they think WOW COOL. They are lucky - the bad playing does not torment them. White Stripes sells some albums for doing something a bit different.

I listen to Jack White's other stuff like the Raconteurs and the drumming is freakin awesome, the musicality is phenomenal, and White Stripes pales by comparison.

In the end it comes down to subjective appreciation though and my opinion is no more/less valid than any other. Personal taste and perception. My perception = white stripes drums are dodgy. My taste - dodgy drums = not very pleasurable listening experience. And I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't play gigs if I sounded like that. I'd be too embarrassed.

<drum snob alert!> :)
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