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Originally Posted by Funky CrÍpe View Post
man, i dont wanna get into a conversation on appreciating art but wow. I can't see how people i know think jazz is just random loud noise, but i can when they say the painter could have been drunk and do this. Really, i think the whole idea of something abstract has taken over some peoples minds too much, maybe mentally, but it doesnt take much physical talent to to this.
Funky, all that shows is that you know more about music than art :)

Bear in mind that that small web image posted by Steel was to illustrate a point, not to convey any of the presence or texturing of the piece. It would be like judging this song after hearing this version :)

The artist, Piet Mondrian, a leading light of the De Stijl movement which inspired The WS could actually paint far more complex things - he had chops. However, he became interested in minimalist design and this style of art remains popular and influential ... it had an impact on architectural design and its uncluttered approach looks great hung on walls.

By the same token, the WS are also popular and influential. As April said, Meg just happens to be the drummer for the WS. Others could fulfill the role ... but why get Steve Gadd to play in that style? It would be like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer.

Would YOU want that gig - to be harnessed in such a restricted role? Could YOU resist the temptation to add extra spice ... spice that Jack obviously doesn't want? It probably wouldn't suit you one bit, but it suits Meg because I doubt she feels restricted by her role, while most drummers would find it most frustrating (C'mon Jack - I practice my rudiments for hours each day to play this!!?). I'm no chop monster but I'd find that gig frustrating. It would be cool for a few gigs, but gig after gig ... year after year ... ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Horses for courses ...

Physical talent is a fabulous thing, but it's not the only thing ...
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