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what everyone fails to get here is that, Meg White is only the drummer for her band or duo. Whatever you call it. She's not a seasoned, practiced, nor educated musician. She plays the parts her and her brother come up with. Thats it. If her band did not become successful, Meg White would be doing something else for living. She's not a real drummer. She's more of a songwriter and producer than she is a musician. I don't agree with that sloppy sound being hard to achieve. If you can really play, you can get that sound, or a tight one if that's what the song requires.
There's not much to discuss here, yet you're all beating the horse after it has died.

Is Meg a good drummer? NOOOO!
Did her and her brother create a band with an original sound that her drumming is a crucial part of? YES!!

End of story. Now Stop Talking.
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