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I think this is a good way to praise Chad:

If you want to be a well-rounded drummer and appreciate lots of different types of music, I would definitely suggest that all drummers have a copy of Blood Sugar Sex Magik in their libraries. I wouldn't say it is the BEST drumming by Smith, but it is the most defining example of that genre (or sub-genre we could say).

(too go along with my previous country music comment), why don't people have a broader taste in music? (This seems especially difficult for drummers). I have country/jazz/metal/R&B/Classic Rock/Alternative Rock (i.e. anything from 90 'til today), you name it. I really don't care for punk, emo and rap, but I still have a minium to understand the musical aspects of that style.

Country music really seems to get the short end of the stick with drummers, yet Nashville session musicians are considered some of the best guys out there.

When I was in highschool (2 decades ago) I was in a Dixie band and a Rush cover band at the same time!
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