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Originally Posted by Late Bloomer View Post
I think Pollyanna is a little in love with Meg, and love is blind.
LMAO - actually, I think the problem is that YOU'RE the one who's in love with her, but she's unattainable so you put her down ;-)

Seriously, I just don't like seeing musos who are out there doing it being dissed. I've done the same when people have bagged out Ringo too. Sure, some fans are annoying in the way they hype their heroes, but we live in a hyperbolic media-driven age.

Thing is, why dis any drummer? At least she's flesh-and-blood and not a bloody drum machine. The WS are one of the steadily diminishing number of popular acts that's not digital ... or 100 years old and rehashing their hits from 30-40 years ago. They're also probably the only act that's bringing blues to a new audience. 8Mile's excellent comment (#230) says it all.

And, as Wy's comment shows, she inspires young girls to drum. It sure beats sitting around reading Dolly and obsessing about your appearance IMO ...
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