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Originally Posted by Tony Rockyhorror
I love the fact that if a guy is working for his next meal drumming and plays like Travis he'd be considered by more people as great, then he gets successful and everyone is like "he's so overrated". Travis is a great drummer period. Is he one of the best ever? Probably not. Now one of the best out now? That could be argued. And think about it how many drummers are known by the general public for THERE DRUMMING. You have Tommy Lee who's known more for his sex tapes and maybe Tre Cool and that's more that he's in such a reconisable band. But even before Travis got his reality show he was reconized as a great drummer. Think about the bands he's been in. Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, The Aquabats. He carried every lats one of them. The only time I've ever been disappointed with him is in the Transplants and I still give him respect in that. As far as being a stoner goes OH NO PEOPLE IN ROCK AND ROLL ARE BAD. You wanna say that than you might as well go " Hey remember that drunk Keith Moon" or " remember that drug addict John Bohnam" Hell Buddy Rich was known for being a jerk to members of his band. But the men and woman on this site aren't on here for being good people. There here for there drumming. And Travis can drum.
I completely agree with you Joe, who cares what the guy does, so what if he wants to smoke a little pot here and there, he has earned his right to do so. Travis has managed to make every record hes played in a hit, i would say thought, that in playing with Bands like Blink 182, he is a little restricted, its obvious that he has much more musical ablility than Base player (Mark Hoppus), or guitarist (Tom Delonge) of blink 182, but they do what they need to do, and as a result, they sound great. I think that if people want to comment on this site, then comment about the drumming, not what the drummers do in their every day lives. Travis is a great drummer, and he should be respected by all other drummers out there, and i believe that he has many more years until he reaches the heights of his success as a drummer, not just a (punk rock) drummer.
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