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I guess at the end of the day it just frustrates me a little, that in the pop industry, true talent is not as important as portraying a cool image. Most of my favourite drummers are just groovers who add a few tasty fills here and there. Not stick yeilding maniacs.
The only thing that annoys me about Meg thing, is the acclaim that is poured on her, by people who maybe don't know what good drumming is meant to sound like, whether it is complex or very simple. I know this is not Megs fault. Man I would love to play to massive fans like she does. May be I am jealous.
As far as drum set ups go, she would almost qualify for the tom angles thread. Makes it look worse with the swirly design on the rack tom resonant head . I think Pollyanna is a little in love with Meg, and love is blind.
I love my Le Soprano Pro Maple drums with the addition of a Brady 14 x 6.5 jarrah snare.
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