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Okay, we've established that Phil Rudd, Keith Carlock and Steve Gadd are better drummers than Meg. Yes, the sky is above us and dogs like trees too :)

Does it matter? Is Jack rushing to the phone to steal those guys? Meg suits the act musically and also in non musical ways - the latter often being underestimated in importance. How many times have you been driven crazy by a band member who plays great but can't help but to cause problems and / or spoil the vibe?

Meg's presence works with the WS and the duo gives millions of people a great deal of pleasure. However, they don't please Matthias or Late Bloomer. I doubt that Meg will lose any more sleep over that than Neal Peart would over me not being a Rush fan :)

I don't know why I like The Stripes. As a King Crimson fan, really I shouldn't. But I do. I think it's their charm. When we're charmed we don't care about flaws. Maybe the flaws are part of the charm? I dunno. Not everyone is charmed by the same things either. It's the X-factor.

Whatever, I'm not into bashing any drummer who's getting out there and doing it, especially if they're playing in front of huge crowds ... I'd be totally overawed if I had to do that.

Great post, Average. That was enlightening.

Andy, "A cleaner drummer would tighten the act, & that would leave it naked" was an interesting perception. A bit of looseness does seem to fill things in more because there aren't clean spaces between the notes - not good in a 6-piece group but it seems to work in the WS duo format.
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