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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

I don't hate the guy either. I just get tired of seeing his face all over everything that has to do with drums. Does Zildjian not have anybody else on their artist roster to market their product other than Barker? You pick up a drum mag. and somewhere in the mag. will be Barker. Then i get on Youtube to see what other drummers are doing and more than half of them are setting up their kits like him and trying to do their best Barker impression. It just gets very old.

As i said i don't hate the guy and he has certainly earned what he has. From what i understand he is a great dad and husband and is obviousely hard working. Drum wise i would say he is better than some but not as good as most. Blink has some songs that i like but not enough to say that i'm a fan of the band. I guess i'm just tired of seeing the guys' face plasterd all over everything and his fans ( what i like to call "Travis Nation") is very annoying.
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