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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

Simply put people hate Travis Barker because he's popular.

I hate Travis Barker because he's popular. That and the double handed cymbal bashing.

By "popular" I mean that so many people think that he's the god of drums because his overall mediocre skills are largely exaggerated by the way he behaves while playing. For example, you go on to almost any Buddy Rich video and you'll see them. People saying, "best drumr evr? no way, this fag would get his gay ass pwnd by Travis Barker!!!!1!!!". So you go to one of Barker's videos and see him having a seizure while playing eighths on his crashes, like it's the hardest thing in the world to do. Then you look at the comments and it's just page after page of people denouncing any religion they may have previously had and declaring Travis Barker their only lord and savior.

Point is, if he wasn't popular, than people would have no reason to hate him. When he's shoved in your face every single time you try to do anything drumming related on the web, however, that's another story.

That felt good.

EDIT: I'm not saying any of this as an attempt to suggest that I'm personally better than Mr. Barker, I'm not.
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