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Default Re: Other than drums ....

Originally Posted by azrae1l View Post
i'm curious here since it's being brought up. how exactly do you define a piano as a percussion instrument? if it's only the fact the the hammer is striking the strings, that would also make a fair amount of lap guitars a percussion instrument. and hammer notes on a standard guitar would also turn that into a percussion instrument as well. now consider not all pianos use a hammer , some use a quill that plucks the string, granted their all very old models but they are still pianos none the less, and the piano itself is classified as a type of harpsichord. then you come to the electric piano, no hammer, no strings, is it still a percussion instrument or string instrument?

so really where does a piano fall? kinda seems to fall in between classifications to me....

Yeah, it really does fall in between classifications. I have seen it considered a string instrument as well as a percussion instrument (and it's really both). Currently, most consider it a part of the specialized "keyboard" family. This takes away debate over the classification and allows the inclusion of old keyboard instruments as well as key-controlled synthesizers. So, I would just call it a part of the keyboard family.
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