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Default Re: Other than drums ....

Not only is the piano a percussion instrument, you tend to approach it the same way we approach playing a set of drums. You have two hands doing (sometimes) opposite things. Your brain has to get used to reading two different music lines and in TWO clefs, no less! You have to learn how to read keys, chord symbols, notes.... Your feet are adding to the expression, and if you decide you want to start singing, that's only 5 or 6 different things going on at any one time.

And, it has the added advantage of being able to get more work! Every church, every choir, every piano bar, has a piano player. Students are encouraged to learn either piano or guitar at a young age, so piano teachers are in demand. By playing the piano, you're getting a full working knowledge of music theory, throw in some transposition skill and you can arrange music for others (you don't have to be a great player for that, but you'll know). And you notice, the piano player, unlike us drummers, never brings along his own piano? Those are always provided! Something's not fair here....
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