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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Yes Phil Rudd is a guy that comes to my mind too.

Or guys like Steve Gadd, or let alone Keith Carlock. They are able to choose to play literally nothing but a money beat but still groove like crazy.
Keith Carlock is an absolute BEAST on drums. Listen to his money beat on 'Morph the Cat.' Talk about groove...good God!

Last weekend I got asked to play in a minimalist blues band with just guitar, harmonica and drums. No bass. We didn't rehearse, I just showed up and they handed me a song list. I knew most of it but what I didn't know I just asked to hear the guitar line and then made up a groove to fit. I only had a snare, bass, hi-hat and ride cymbal.

Anyway, the point was, I stayed in the groove the entire night. I maybe played 2 fills the entire night, because if you try filling when the only other rhythm is a guitarist playing, things can get shakey. It was a ton of fun. A few other area singer/songwrite types just randomly showed up and sat in for a few songs. It made me think that maybe Meg is staying home for similar reasons.

In the last song we played the guitarist pointed to me and I took a solo. Compared to what I was playing the rest of the night, it was ripping. The crowd loved it. It made me think about how much better a few chops will sound in the midst of a lot of really simple playing. Anyway, I had a blast and the bar owner has given us the carte blanche to come whenever we want and play.
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