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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
But I've gotta agree with Swiss.....her playing is really nothing to write home about. "Great", it just ain't IMHO. She's just another drummer that I'm more than happy to listen to, but will never aspire to.

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
I don't think a lot of us here are trying to say she's a genius, or amazingly talented, or the best drummer in the world due to her style. I don't think anyone actually has said that. But for what she's shown, she's certainly not a bad drummer.
You know what i think is cool about Meg? Until she came along I didn't think it was possible to play so simply and for it to work - to sound pleasing. That opened my mind, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I also think it's cool that there are so many wanna-bes on YouTube who diss her but who can't play with functional tightness like she does (again, not including you in that group, Pocket). I like the idea of learning to play properly first and then add to your repertoire if need be (or in Meg's case, stay put). I find that lack or pretence refreshing.

There are a ton of kids out there thrashing away with headache-inducing efforts as they try to be Aaron or Joey or Neal or Gavin etc because they want to be DRUM SUPERSTARS, but they are really sloppy. Then you get someone like Meg who wouldn't be able to play the things those kids do, but she doesn't care about being lauded, just playing appropriately and tight enough for her parts to work with the music (and with a sweet-sounding kit).

The Meg Controversy is very similar to The Ringo and Charlie Controversies, just taken to another degree ie. she's less sophisticated again than those guys ... thought I'd better spell that out :) ... I repeat, I am not comparing Meg's playing with Ringo's and Charlie's, just noticing the similarities in the debates about them.

Perhaps it's right that there are controversies. It's radical. Just as Pridgeon and Bruner and Harrison etc are pushing the boundaries of rock virtuosity, Meg's pushing the boundary the other way (probably without ever giving it the slightest thought) ... that's always going to get people talking, especially since it goes against the grain of the usual push for bigger, better, faster, stronger ... to be ever more amazing.

The boundaries of drumming are being pushed in every direction and I see no problem with that.
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