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Default Re: The Best Avant-Garde Jazz Performance of All Time!

Well...okay. The thing is that I can see Stan's point. I almost felt that way too until I watched it again.

Now, I'd be the first jazz musician to get a huge laugh from seeing the piss taken out out of jazz, I really would. But this, this was stupid.

(And I didn't think that drummer was all that good. Anyway...)

Yes, I can see, it's obvious, that the guy who made the video (his wife is lovely by the way) has a buddy of his that's a drummer and they concocted this plan that they'd pull off at a Tuesday night gig at a little coffee shop or whatever it was.

But that's pretty much all it was. Think of all the gig footage we've seen here, and then imagine if the same thing had been done in a rock cover band playing in a bar situation. What would you think? Yes, it's pretty stupid.

I just don't see the point. Take a guy who can't play an instrument and get him up, under false pretenses, with a band of good musians and let the hilarity begin. All this video shows, and it's actually a good thing to show, is that people know when they're hearing s****y music and when they hear s****y music they get annoyed.

Ha ha.
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