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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
You have to be able to do the complex thing in order to deserve credit for consciously playing simplistic for musical reasons.

I know it's been touched on before in this thread, but it's worth highlighting the point again. If I can only draw stick I a great artist because of my minimalism or just severly limited?

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
I don't want to bash Meg or say she is bad, I just think her playing is very, very average, and it doesn't really deserve a lot of attention in my book. And it wouldn't if it weren't for the Stripes I believe. (I'm not saying she doesn't deserve attention, she can have all the fame in the world, I don't mind, but not her playing.)
I wouldn't call her bad either. I've heard far worse than Meg. She's achieved much with limited ability......more power to her. I admire anyone who gets up and gets on with it. She's never claimed to be anything she's not and what she does is fine by me.

But I've gotta agree with Swiss.....her playing is really nothing to write home about. "Great", it just ain't IMHO. She's just another drummer that I'm more than happy to listen to, but will never aspire to.
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