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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

As a new member, and a very big Sonor fan. I thought i'd post some pictures of my beautiful monster!

Everything you need to know about my kit:

Sonor Designer, maple light, tribal finish

Bassdrum: 22x18
Toms: 8x7, 10x9, 12,10
Floors: 14x14, 16x16
Snaredrums: Sonor SQ2 14x5
vanDunn Signature, Stave Oak 14x 8
Sonor Force 2007 special ed. 14x6'
Sonor Force Jungle snare 10' x 2'

Toms: Remo Ambassador top(coated) + bottom(clear)
Bassdrum: Batter: Powerstroke 3
Resonance: Embony
Snare: Batter: Emporer X, Controlled Sound
Resonance: Ambassador clear


Zildjian K Custom, A Custom, Avedis, Z Custom

Hihats: 14 A Custom Mastersound
13 K Custom Hybrid

Crashes: 18 K Custom Dark Crash
17 Avedis Rock Crash
16 A Custom Projection Crash

Rides: 20 Avedis Rock Ride
20 K Custom Dark Ride
20' Zildjian & Cie(constantinople) Vintage ride

EFX: 8 A Custom splash
10 A Custom splash
17 Avedis Rock Crash (Customized)
18 Z Custom China
Multiple 5 and 6 Bells(Custom)
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