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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I'm pretty sure Weckl can play pop music in his sleep. He chooses not too is all. His beginner books are chock full of easy beats and simple straight forward pop/rock beats.


And for the guy asking if there was Funk Rock drumming before Chad Smith, I would point him to the 70s. Hardly a pioneer in funk rock, but definitely a pioneer in the funk/rap/rock style of RHCP!
well, to be sure weckl can play any pattern at all that you would use in a pop context, there's no doubt about that. but he doesn't have the feel for the style as well as some other guys out there. he's gone out for some big gigs (sting) and i've heard he's said that it's a goal of his to be on a major pop record at some point - but other guys like vinnie, steve, abe, etc. keep getting the jobs over him. not to diminish his contributions to music and to drumming by any degree.

i'd missed that post about the funk rock drumming... that's a little worrisome to see actually haha. yeah, chad smith is a great drummer, to be sure, but hardly a pioneer of the instrument or style.

though you can't deny his influence over the shape of the band. obviously having half of the band replaced between albums will have an effect on the music, but i think chad smith and john frusciante brought something far more positive to the band than other replacements have for other groups. they didn't try to imitate jack irons and hillel slovak, but brought something fresh to the peppers.

while john's contributions are more immediately noticable (his style is such a sharp contrast to hillel's), chad had an equally powerful influence. the chili peppers remained true to their niche with mother's milk and blood sugar sex magik, but were able to refine it over the course of those two albums to the masterpiece that is BSSM. that is a considerable achievement, especially in the wake of such a tragedy and the drug addiction of anthony, hillel, flea, and of course john later.

chad seemed to really connect with flea in a way jack irons hadn't previously been able to. the two of them are a powerhouse rhythm section combination. i think chad's style coupled with flea's insane ideas really brought something new to the band.

i was so close to having a coherent train of thought in that post haha. maybe next time.
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