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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Many of her detractors seem to be young drummers who don't realise how badly they compromise the groove while focusing on showing off like their drum idols (not you, Matthias haha).
Actually I did belong kind of in that category when I was in my teens. But really (and maybe I should just let this thread go ;) ), Meg White wouldn't ever come to my mind when it comes to superb grooving. (As wouldn't necessarily Mike Portnoy by the way - despite the fact that I was a big fan for some years, and I do still admire his work)

And I'm generally with the few in the thread who point out that just the fact that what Meg can do fits the music quite well, and that she inspires a lot of kids because her playing is very accessible doesn't make her a genius, really. Somewhere in this or another thread there's a nice Peter Erskine (I believe) quote floating around that say it beautifully: You have to be able to do the complex thing in order to deserve credit for consciously playing simplistic for musical reasons.

I don't want to bash Meg or say she is bad, I just think her playing is very, very average, and it doesn't really deserve a lot of attention in my book. And it wouldn't if it weren't for the Stripes I believe. (I'm not saying she doesn't deserve attention, she can have all the fame in the world, I don't mind, but not her playing.)
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