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Default Re: The Best Avant-Garde Jazz Performance of All Time!

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
If the person behind the drums did the equivalent of playing like this, people would have left the room and the other musicians could not even hold it together like they did in this case.

Just goes so show you what's most important in the band!
lol - I think you're right. If it was bass, I think it would have broken down too, although maybe not as badly as it would with a dud drummer.

I read this thread at work (but I can't do music vids) so my curiosity was piqued for when I got home. What a crack up! ... especially the pained expressions of the audience. Great find, Luke :)

Stan, I do get where you're coming from and I say this as someone who enjoys Cecil Taylor - the kind of player the vid was satirising. I'm sure some laypersons addicted to pentatonic scales wouldn't see it, but of course there's a universe of difference between what the funny guy in the vid played and what Cecil does - ... awesome late night music, a little journey of timbres and moods.
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