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I'm pretty sure Weckl can play pop music in his sleep. He chooses not too is all. His beginner books are chock full of easy beats and simple straight forward pop/rock beats.

Gadd has been on several #1 albums, but most people here in DW weren't even born yet ;-)

Matt Chamberlain has been on a couple for sure...the John Mayer cds and the Sara Evans cds.

sidenote: am I the only drummer on DW that has any working knowledge what-so-ever of Country music? There are a ton of really good session drummers in this genre, but nobody talks about it!

And for the guy asking if there was Funk Rock drumming before Chad Smith, I would point him to the 70s. Hardly a pioneer in funk rock, but definitely a pioneer in the funk/rap/rock style of RHCP!
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