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Default Re: The Best Avant-Garde Jazz Performance of All Time!

Sorry for the earlier serious tone guys......

Just some background to my mood.... I attended and played at a big reunion concert this weekend for a old jazz club in town that closed in 1990 that I got my start at in Vancouver as a pro jazz player in this community in the 80's. After the introductions to start the night a LONG list of names was read to the audience, several folks and important contributors in the creative jazz music scene in Vancouver who played at the place that are no longer with us...some dear old friends and mentors who I deeply miss who helped me shape my path as a musician in more ways than just the music. These guys and gals showed that you can love and play both tunes and free based jazz equally and most importantly respect the music whatever the expression above all.

There you go..... so i'm still feeling a little raw emotionally from that reminder of the cruel hands of time we all deal with around us. Show the love and enjoy those you have around you well there with you. My performance that evening was dedicated to one of my big early mentors and a good friend and fellow jazz drummer Al Weirtz. After I finished the performance covered in sweat sitting behind the kit the evening host quickly got up on stage and said into the mic "Al Weirtz is in the building"...job done. It was all about being honest and playing honestly from the heart when it came to this walls and borders.

Thanks for reading.....

In return to show I can take a shot at myself and other fellow musicians i'll post this for those who haven't seen it yet. This is SO funny.....and certainly hits the mark in many ways folks :}

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