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Default Re: The Best Avant-Garde Jazz Performance of All Time!

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Not when they're all on the same page in a tune based setting for the record....

Utter BS in this case to my poor ears and gives reason for those who don't understand more open improv based jazz music an excuse to make fun of and give it a bad name which was the case. Just someone wanking over a tune to make a point I don't respect.

I do both tune and free jazz {if that's what some want to call it} professionally and yes I know the rules of engagement for each concept needed for a good musical delivery for each setting for all involved.

Funny...not. No time for this kind of humor.
I'm not going to continually poke the bear, but come on Steamer, you had to find that a bit funny. People make fun of drummers as an entire group too, ya' know! And as a sound man for tune-jazz groups (among others), I've heard my fair share of bull$&#t flying off the bandstand like you wouldn't believe.

I recall a story told by the great Charles Mingus, where he got a bunch of kids to noodle around on instruments behind the curtain on stage and told the audience it was avant garde jazz, then opened the curtain as the crowd was diggin' it. If he had a sense of humor about it, I would think we all would.

OK, I'm done poking ;)

BTW - if you watched this video all the way to the end, this same guy did another one where he was harassing a guy with a sign giving away FREE HUGS. But the sign he had said, "DELUXE HUGS $2.00" This guy is a genius!
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