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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

I think I read most of the posts here, but I didn't see this bit of logic: If you have a hole cut in your resonance head, you can manipulate damping material inside the drum without having to shake it around to get it in the right place. On my 22" Ludwig classic maple, I used a Emad head and had no need for a hole in the front; it sounds GREAT! On my 26" Maple I haven't been able to find an Emad head in that size. It looks like Aquarian makes an Emad clone (or maybe Evans cloned Aquarian), I'll have to check it it. I currently have a pinstripe on the batter side of my 26", but not enough damping, so I bit the bullet and used an Aquarian Porthole on the front, mainly so I could move damping materials around... And I don't like the black Ludwig head anyway -- it's way too heavy --, so it's no big loss for me there... Of course, I couldn't find any damping material around, so I took a bunch of the grandkid's discarded stuffed animals... It's better, but I still probably need the Aquarian... anyone else make an Emad-type head in a 26?" (Oh, for you purists; if I ever get in a band that plays Zep again, I'll go back to Remo (unported) heads on the BD.
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