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Originally Posted by Funky CrÍpe View Post
when people talk about groove, they talk about guys like gadd. Masters of creation, meg plays the same thing over and over. And i know about the whole " she gives it what the song needs", and, "well, she doesnt need to do anything else" but i get a bit frustrated some times listening to her. Its a duo, she could be so creative....she could do more, much more. If a guitar player could only use basic chords he wouldnt be called good. And yest people say that she is really good, and that its hard to get a nice sloppyness......what! People are now actually calling sloppy playing good. The only good "sloppy" player imo was elvin, and he was genius, don't think meg is that type of genius! People are saying, " well, she plays with such a good guitarist, there must be deeper feel to her playing".....I don't think there is anyway. Maybe jack just wants the limelight, who knows. Either way the music does sound good, but i think it could be better, and not on jack's part
Have you ever happened to hear of an artist named Piet Mondrian?

He made this:

There are numerous people who would argue that the simplicity in the painting is just idiotic, and thus it's not actual art.

Meg White's playing is her style, and she does it on purpose. It's been proven that she can hold a beat, and she can play drums, so anyone who claims she simply has no skill isn't taking into consideration the fact that she's been playing for a while. It's just not possible that a drummer doesn't have the ability to play certain things after a certain point.

So yes, she could do so much more, but does she want to? I don't think so.
"At the end of the day you just draw pretty pictures on a field and play some rimp ska dimps."
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