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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words! If you'd like Dale's shop to have me in, they will have to request me through Pearl/Sabian. That's how it works---I don't choose where I do them! I have to be invited. Hope they will at some point.


There are many factors involved. The drum (shell material, thickness, depth) and then choice of heads. I'm a clear Ambassador guy on toms--top and bottom. The better the drum, the wider the sweet spot is where the drum wants to sing. I start with the bottom head and go evenly lug to lug. I do the same with the top and I tune the bottom heads slightly higher in pitch than the top. I always use my ears and never use any gizmos for tuning. Just keep at it and I'm sure it'll get easier. Hope I've helped in some way.

Cheers from Salt Lake City,
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