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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
HAHA! Reminds me of a thread I started to collect funny advertising terms about instruments. Were you around then? Got deleted in the last Off-Topic Lounge holocaust.

I noticed an ad once for a snare drum that had "crowd-cutting backbeats." I thought it was strange, the idea of assaulting your audience, so me and my band mates have been coming up with others like:

"Sternum-crushing bass"

"Audience-decapitating cymbal crashes"

"Stool-softening tom fills"

"Ear-impaling rim shots"

"Nose-hair-curling tabla solos"

"Divorce-triggering volume"

"Aura-bleaching sitar solos"

Now we can add ""Cornfield-leveling sound output" and "Rodent-exterminating volume."

People added a bunch more and I wish I still had the list.
Hmm...... this definitely calls for a new category of posts in the "Humour" section. I'm surprised there isn't anny about drummers' humour on this site.
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