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Hi Cats! Lots going on lately. Just got back from Southern Italy where i did some concerts and clinics. I was there this time for 3 months. The main reason for my stay was to finish production of the music for the DVD. "Working the Inner Clock - part2"
This included...PRACTICING the music. :-) I took 2 months in Italy to prepare for all the playing. Its Tons of material and I better be in top form for the shoot. We only get one week to shoot and the footage is there for the rest of my life to make it count. Italy was amazing and I have to say I put on some pounds. It was brutal trying to avoid all the amazing food!!! Obviously I was not succesful hahaha. Now a diet and working out begins in addition to practicing heavily. All this is leading to the final stages of the shoot. We are getting ready to shoot in Köln Germany.

I would like to announce also that I am now proudly endorsing some new companies. Without their help, the project would not be possible. Stop by my pages and say hello or just have a look.

"Drumcraft Drums"

Sabian Cymbals

Compact Monitors

All in all so far...I have been working on the project for almost a year now. When it comes out, you will see why it has taken all this time. Its massive!!

I also invite you all to join my facebook page. The latest news is always there and many great drummers stop by all the time.

Many kind regards to all

Big Hugs
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