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Chad has always been among my faves, i have to say. He can be the funkiest guy on the planet, and he's just a cool person anyway. I kind of find it hard to define my opinion on his style now, dont get me wrong, as he said himself "not everything calls for fancy fills or sticking your chop in there 'cos it sounds good", but you sometimes wanna see him do something a little more elaborate, or try and be a little more creative.

He is a great time keeper and one funky guy, but i'd love it if he played to his funkiness a bit more.

Oh yeah and another thing. Dont you think its funny, having watched chad alot, that you'll like never hear him play a song exactly as the track is, he always improvises, do you think thats just him getting in the moment or that he's a bit lazy and doesnt learn his own parts? lol
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