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Default Re: Freddie Gruber - GURU

Originally Posted by Bernhard
Knevildrummer - I see no problem at all - everythings ok and everybodys happy...
It's normal for living legends to make some legends with other legends. If teaching or only correcting, fact is, that Buddy himself stated, that Freddie helped him a lot....and he didn't mean carrying drums...

How is Joe going? Did you take a lesson just these days or last month. I'm still waiting of some feedback from Joe regarding some website-linking, give him greetings please...
Joe is doing well the last I saw him. (last September). He is just the sweetest guy and I have the utmost respect for him. He also has the MOST relaxed hands you will ever see on a drummer. Maybe that's why I get so worked up about Gruber. I feel that he is getting the attention that Joe deserves.

I intend on seeing him within a month or so. I will tell him you said Hi
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