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Default Re: freddy gruber - GURU

Originally Posted by Bernhard
Ok so:

Want to take a short lesson with the teacher of Buddy Rich

That first one really gets me. According to Joe Morello (whom I studied with for 18 months) Freddy was Buddy's gofer/assistant not a peer of his. When I mentioned that Freddy's site on DW states that he taught Buddy, he almost exploded.

Does anyone here honestly think that Freddy Gruber actually TAUGHT Buddy Rich??!!

That is pure revisionist history.

Freddy is a great teacher/coach obviously, but the Buddy Rich thing is a total fabrication.

Here it is in black and white: ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY TAUGHT BUDDY IS LYING!!!!

That is right from Joe Morello's mouth.

What Freddy did is observe Buddy and learn about how the hands and body move. There are many drummers (among them Joe Morello my past teacher and Dom Famularo my current teacher) who feel that Freddy went too far in promoting the Buddy connection. Freddy learned from Buddy not the other way around. That is why guys like me and Dr. Power Stroke (another Famularo student) bristle at the mention of his name and his supposed "developments" like the middle finger fulcrum. Jim Chapin has been teaching that stuff for years. Just check out his video.
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